Staff section

Staff account

The employee account of the Odessa Polytechnic is a Google account of a university employee, an account for free access to a set of cloud services provided by Google, such as:

  • corporate e-mail;
  • cloud storage files (Google-disk);
  • text editor;
  • spreadsheets;
  • presentations;
  • online collaboration calendars;

And so on.

An employee account is also required for:

  • access to the resources of the Scientific and Technical Library;
  • entering information into the institutional repository (repository of scientific publications of university staff);
  • university employee profile settings on Google Scholar;
  • access to the service pages of the site;
  • access to the university information system.

For registration, configuration and technical support of an employee’s account, please contact the Innovative Information Technology Department (main academic building, room 100).