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 The chair was created in 1962. The original name of the chair - «Radio engineering». The creator of the chair and its head was honored worker of science and technology since 1962, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Alexander Filippovich Plonsky, who successfully led the chair until July 1969.


Head the chair (1962-1969) Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor A.F. Plonsky


In 1962 the following disciplines were taught at the chair: «Theoretical fundamentals of radio Engineering», «Fundamentals of radio rngineering», «pulse engineering», «Electromagnetic field theory and propagation», «amplifying devices and their design», «Radio transmitters and their design», «Radio receivers and their design», «Antenna feeder devices and their design», «Radio engineering systems and their design», «Radio automatic».

For the 1962-1963 academic year, the following teachers of the chair were approved: Plonsky A.F., Belotserkovny A.I., Vaulin V.Е., Sumik M.N., Kopylova O.V., Medvedev V.А., Samkov V.E., Gorbatenko A.F., Shumlensky I.M. In parallel with the educational process is the development of the scientific direction of the chair related to the problems of stabilizing the frequency of radio transmitting devices. 

During these years, the chair carried out the first contract work of 60 thousand rubles, which was a kind of record for research works of other chair of the institute. In subsequent years, there was a continuous increase in the volume of research. This made it possible to acquire the necessary equipment for the creation and equipping of educational laboratories. Thus, the first laboratories were created for the courses: «Radio transmitters», «Radio receivers», «Pulse devices», «Amplifying devices».

In 1969, assistant professor, candidate of technical sciences, Krisilov Yu.D., who worked in this position until 1985 year, was elected head of the chair. A new scientific direction of the chair, space instrument-making, was formed under him. 

In the 70, candidates of technical sciences, associate professors Dmitriev E.A., Mamedov K.Ya., Pudovkin K.P., Startsev V.I., Yampolsky Yu.S., assistants Mosenko A.P. ., Tarasov N.I., Yakubets-Yakubchik L.L. began working at the chair.


Head the chair 1969-1985) h.D., Associate Professor, Yu.D.Krisilov


During these years, the laboratories in the disciplines «Radio receivers devices (RRD)», «Amplifier devices», «Radio transmitting devices (RTD)» «Electronic and quantum microwave devices» (EQMD)» were upgraded.

A significant contribution to the technical development of these educational laboratories of the chair was made by: Vaulin V.E., Nokel V.P., Startsev V.I. (laboratory RRD), Boichuk M.M., Startsev V.I., Barabanov M.A. Dovgal S. (Laboratory of amplifying devices), Mamedov K.Ya., Malyuk I.T., Yakubets-Yakubchik LL (Laboratory of RTD), Mamedov K.Ya., Nikonov B.N., Novozhenin V.M. (Laboratory EQMD).

Along with the improvement of the educational process and the development of the laboratory base at the chair, research work was intensively developed at that time. So, since 1970 the chair began cooperation with the Space Research Institute Academy of Sciences (SRI AS), USSR and Scientific Production Association (SPA) «Energomash», which led to the creation of a specialized development chair for the development and manufacture of scientific equipment for the study of the physical characteristics of interplanetary plasma. In this chair, led the independent development: Ph.D. Associate Professor V. Startsev, Ph.D. Associate Professor Nokel V.P., Ph.D. Associate Professor Pyadyshev V.A., Senior Researcher Yemelyanov S.I., Senior Engineers Tarasov N.I., Telegin A., Nikitin S., Khlebnikov A. As a result of the work of these groups, they obtained more than 100 copyright certificates for inventions, of which - 60 copyright certificates belong to the Ph.D. Associate Professor Startsev V.I. About 70 different devices, designed and manufactured by the staff and students of the department, were launched into space.

Since the cathedral development of space equipment differed in novelty and originality, for the period from 1972 to 1985, Ph.D. Associate Professor V. Startsev and his colleagues were awarded one Golden, five Silver and ten Bronze Medals of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (EANE) of the USSR. The department was awarded the "Diploma of Honor" EANE USSR.

The on-board equipment developed and manufactured at the chair provided one fourth of the USSR national space program and was widely used in the «Intercosmos» international programs.

In 1975, for outstanding achievements in the design of the equipment of the space station Venera-10, Ph.D. Associate Professor V. Startsev Awarded the USSR Labor Medal Medal by the USSR Government, and the Head of the Chair, Ph.D. Assoc. Krisilov Yu.D. - Order "Badge of Honor".

In the 1980s, the Department’s employees were: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Koshevoy V.M., Candidates of Technical Sciences, Assistant Professors G. De Ribas, G.L., Ermilov, V.A., Smolnyakov, V.I., graduates of the Department: Ph.D. .n., Assoc., Shishkin A.V., assistants Barsky A.I., Bondar V.I., Kutsenko A.P. During these years, the chair created an educational laboratory - the laboratory of semiconductor devices and microelectronics. The major contribution to the creation and development of this laboratory was made by candidates of technical sciences, assistant professors Yampolsky Yu.S., Ermilov V.A. At this time, the department has won the authority of the scientific school on the space direction at the international level. A confirmation of this fact was the holding in 1982 at the Chair of the III International Seminar «Space Instrument Making» in which well-known scientists took part in the field of space research not only in the USSR, but also in Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and other states.

In 1982, in connection with the expansion of the spectrum of research work in the field of precision instrument-making, the chair established a specialized research laboratory (SRL) "Diagnostics" with the main activities:. 

  1. Development and research of methods for analyzing the dynamic characteristics of rotary machines and mechanisms; the selection of diagnostic features according to the results of field tests; research of methods and algorithms for processing vibroacoustic signals. 
  2. Development of information-measuring complexes based on microprocessor systems and personal computers, development of systems for diagnosing and emergency protection of rotary machines and mechanisms; development of instruments and means of monitoring the parameters and quality of technological processes based on new transformations using microprocessor technology and small computers. In the framework of the International Association of Space Technologies, Scientific Research Laboratory of Diagnostic Technologies, it participates in research projects carried out in collaboration with the Space Research Institute (SRI) of the USSR Academy of Sciences and SPA Energomash named after Glushko, and also conducts research in the field of diagnostics and emergency protection of power plants (rocket engines, turbines of power plants, internal combustion engines, etc.).

In 1985, Yampolsky Yu.S., Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor, was appointed the head of the chair.

Under his leadership, the first computer class is created, consisting of ten computers «Radio 86». Created application package (CAD), which is used when performing laboratory and practical classes, when performing settlement and graphic works, course and degree design. In 1988 year, on the initiative of the head of the chair, a student design bureau was created (SDB) «Gamma». The purpose of the SDB is to improve the training of students. The candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Mamedov, K.Ya. was appointed as the head of SDB, under whose leadership the students are engaged in circuit design of various types of radio equipment. Work in SDB "Gamma" gave solid professional training to several hundred students of the radio engineering faculty.

In 1989, the computer class of the department is equipped with ten ІВМ286 PC. In the next every 2-3 years, the class is upgraded to more advanced personal computers.


Head Chairt (from 1985 to 2015 year) Ph.D., Professor, Honored Worker of Higher School of Ukraine Yu.S.Yampolsky


In the 90, candidates of technical sciences, associate professors Marakova I.I., Tarabuev S.T., Chemes Ye.A., and assistant Teslenko P.A. began working at the chair. At this time, the chair conducts research work in the field of space and precision instrument-making in collaboration with the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and SPA «Energomash» named after Glushko.

Since 1998, the chair begins teaching such subjects as «Information Protection», «Cryptography hardware and software». Developed a laboratory course using a computer class.
 In 2000, due to the change in the structure of the radio engineering faculty, the chair included a part of the department of the theoretical fundamentals of radio engineering: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Parasochkin V.A., and Filipsky Yu.K., Ph.D. , senior teacher Berezovsky S.A.

Since 2000, the chair formed a new scientific direction - the study of signaling transformations. The supervisor of these studies is Yu.K. Filipsky. Under his leadership, a scientific school called ‹frequency-time analysis of analog and digital signals and circuits was created. According to the results of scientific research by graduates of the chair 3 candidate dissertations were defended. In the 2000 years, the staff of the chair paid considerable attention to educational and methodical work, development and creation of the material and technical base of laboratories. In the period from 2001 - 2008, the teachers of the department published a number of monographs and textbooks in various disciplines with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 

In the 2010, at the initiative of the head of the chair, educational laboratories were created: «Quantum Electronics» and «Local Networks and Controllers».

In 2015 Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Kohanov A.B. was elected the head of the chair. In 2016 year, under his leadership, the RL was created «Foton» and a number of educational laboratories were modernized. The main directions of research works of the laboratory are: “Foton”, “Diagnostics” and the chair are: telecommunication and radio engineering systems; digital signal processing, development and research of new generation mobile telecommunication systems; instrument making, vehicle radar systems, space instrument making and robots vision.


Head of the Chair since 2015, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Kokhanov A.B.


In 2017 year, the chair "Information Security" was included in the chair, consisting of Ph.D., associate professor Chechelnitsky’s V.Ya., Ph.D., associate professor Safronov’s A.S., Ph.D. Yakovenko’s A.A., Ph.D. Melnik’s M.A., Senior Lecturers Balarich’s A.V., Barabanov’s N.A., Belek’s I.A., Venediktov’s Yu.I.