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The Department of Natural Sciences was founded simultaneously with the Preparatory Faculty at the Odessa Polytechnic Institute in 1975.

The main task of the department was the subject preparation in Russian of foreign citizens who arrived to study in Odessa. The organization of the educational process was based on curricula developed by leading universities of the country, specializing in training foreign citizens. The department was supposed to provide the teaching of natural sciences in engineering and technical specialties: mathematics, physics, chemistry, drawing.

Since the department of this profile was created at the Institute for the first time and had its specifics, teachers were first invited to the department, who had experience of teaching international students in natural sciences. Most of the invitees were from military colleges in Odessa, but many of the teachers were from the Odessa Polytechnic Institute.

The founder of the department and its first head was Peter Anatolyevich Kotlyarevsky. He headed the department for the first 15 years until 1989.


Left: Denisov Yury Sergeevich - Vice-Rector for International Relations (1983 – 1985) years,
on the right: Kotlyarevsky Petr Anatolyevich Head of the Department of natural Sciences (1975 – 1989) years


From the first years of the faculty and the department’s existence, the number of international students was rapidly growing, in some years it reached 500 people. During these years, about 45 teachers worked at the department.


Department of Natural Sciences during the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Preparatory Faculty (1985). Upper row (from left to right): Talalaev G. A., Makoveev P. S. (chairman of the trade union committee), Polishchuk A. F., Schetinin L. M., Tumarkina L. S., Sledzyuk N. A., Zinchenko T. A., Saenko S. L., Tselishchev M. I., Zerkalova E. A., Kharitonova V. N., Telnova N. G., Yolkin V. M., Poberezhny A. N.
Lower row (from left to right): Samkov E. Ya. (Secretary of the Party Committee), Khikhlovsky L. B., Zablonsky K. I. (Rector), Kargin A. E., Zhukova I. A., Gornostaeva I. A., Sedova L. N., Lopyrin A. A., Demyanova G. I., Zubareva N. G., Sidorov V. D., Popova L. I., Denisov Yu. S. (Vice-Rector), Kotlyarevsky P. A., Rastorgueva T. Ye., Mazalova S. O., Gain Yu. I.


A significant contribution to the formation and development of the department, except for the first head, was made by Kargin A. E., Lopyrin A. A., Tselishchev M. I., Rastorgueva T. E., Saenko S. L., Sledzyuk N. A., Zinchenko T. O., Polyakov V. M., Semizorova N. F., Zubareva N. G., Demyanova G. I. and other teachers.


The male half of the department (the second half of the 1970s).
Left: Saenko S. L., Tselishchev M. I., Hein Yu. I., Pervushin V. N., Flora V. F., Lopirin A. A., ..., Kargin A. E.? Kotlyarevsky P. A.


The female half of the department (second half of the 1970s):
Sledzyuk N. A., Gornostaeva I. A., Zubareva N. G., Demyanova G. I. with colleagues of the dean's office and the Russian language department


The Department of Natural Sciences celebrates the new year. Left: Reznik E. P., Flora V. F., ..., P. Kotlyarevsky, (standing behind) Polyakov V. V., Zubareva N. G., Semizorova N. F., Demyanova G. I., Sledzyuk N. A., Diro P., Hein Yu. I., Polyantseva L. I. (first head of the Russian language department)


In the teaching staff of the Department of Natural Sciences: Dean Flora V. F., Associate Professor Zinchenko T. A. (from now on the Deputy Dean of the Foreign Students Preparatory Faculty from 1998 to 2009)


During these years, the department became the leading center for teaching natural sciences to international students in the USSR. Teachers of the department actively participated in numerous conferences on the post-Soviet space, were invited to work in foreign universities, where preparatory faculties were organized.


Saenko S. L. (right) together with colleagues at the preparatory faculty of the University of Matanza, Cuba (1980 – 1983)


Teachers of the department during a scientific conference (the 1990s)


After 1989, the department was headed by Dziuban A. I., Sedova L. M.

In 1991, Ukraine became an independent state, the number of international students arriving in Odessa, significantly decreased, but the educational process at the department did not stop. Instead of students who used to come at the expense of state scholarships, the faculty began to attract students studying on a contract basis actively.

From 1994 to 1998, the department was part of the Institute for pre-university training of the Odessa State Polytechnic University.

Since 1998, when the number of international students began to increase gradually, the department again became part of the restored preparatory faculty for foreign citizens, along with the department of linguodidactics.

At that time, the department was headed by associate professor Saenko S.L. It was he who, with the assistance of Dean Mirakyan I. G. and Vice-Rector of Bulgar V. V., made considerable efforts to restore the methodological support of the department, licensing the educational activities of the faculty, the formation of new approaches in teaching international students to the disciplines of the natural science cycle.


Dzuban A. I. Head of the Department (1989 – 1994)

Sedova L. M. Head of the Department (1994 – 1998)

Saenko S.L., 2000



The staff of the department in the 1999-2000 academic year.
Upper row (from left to right): Shobik V. S., Shabaev A. N., Polyakov V. M., Saveliev A. A., Saenko S. L., Kolesnichenko E. Z., Podgorny S. V.
Lower row (from left to right): Sledzuk N. A., Zerkalova E. A., Massanova N. V., Mazalova S. O., Kobodnik E. V., Zinchenko T. A.


Since 2001, the department is headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor Bulgar V. V. An excellent education worker, he was awarded the Order “Badge of Honor,” medals “Veteran of Labor” and “For Excellent Service for the Protection of Public Order,” Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, long-term member of the specialized council for training foreign students at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. It is thanks to his efforts that the Odessa National Polytechnic University and the Institute for the Training of Foreign Citizens are widely recognized on the international market for educational services for foreign citizens.


The staff of the department after 2001. Upper row (from left to right): Polyakov V. M., Kolesnichenko E. Z., Zerkalova E. A., Shabaev A. N., Klepova I. V., Timokhov D. F., Shobik V. S., Saenko S. L.
Lower row (from left to right): Zinchenko T. A., Mazalova S. O., Bulgar V. V., Semizorova N. F., Kobodnik E. V.