1 july 2015

Transfer thesis defense

Transfer thesis defense Brizhan Tatyana Mikhailovna

19 june 2015


The final game at the Polytechnic City of amateur league championship futsal.

10 june 2015

ONPU: Center of energy efficiency technologies

Tillmann Hess project manager of the Center for Technology Transfer of ONPU visiting TV "Vesti Odessa".

9 june 2015

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Economic Cybernetics, Doctor of Economics, professor, head of the department of business economics Eugene A. Beltyukov

8 june 2015

Higher educational institutions of the Republic of Lithuania

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania provides financial assistance to the citizens of Ukraine to obtain a master's degree in the daytime courses of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Lithuania.

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